R & D

Research & Development

Our comprehensive R&D activities cover materials development, product design, testing and evaluation.

Our Research and Development Integrated Centre (RADIC) at the Hiratsuka Factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including supercomputers and centrifugal separator.

At our extensive testing facilities at D-PARC (Daigo Proving Ground and Research Centre) and YOKOHAMA´s Tire Test Center of Hokkaido, we simulate all types of road surface. D-PARC's oval track features 41-degree banking, Japan's largest skid pad, and 20 types of road surface.

At our Tire Test Center of Hokkaido, a test course for winter tyres, we evaluate the driving, braking, cornering, dynamic traction and gradient performance of studless tyres under a variety of conditions.

In Europe, the Yokohama Test Center of Sweden (YTCS), located near the Arctic Circle, is helping to develop winter and all-season products, whilst the European Test Team is home-based at the Yokohama Nürburgring Test Center in Germany.

Also in other parts of the world, YOKOHAMA has test facillities such as the Tire Test Center of Asia (Thailand).

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure