AD08R at US Drift Event
17 Jul 2013

YOKOHAMA-sponsored driver Michael Essa looks to move up in the standings on Yokohama’s ‘fastest tyre yet’  

Veteran drifting competitor Michael Essa is taking YOKOHAMA´s newest ultra high-performance tyre – the ADVAN NEOVA® AD08R – for a spin…and then some. The YOKOHAMA-sponsored driver will debut the AD08R during the Formula Drift event at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington which will take place on July 19-20.

Essa, who won Formula Drift’s recent race in Palm Beach, Florida and is currently in third place, will switch-out his regular ADVAN NEOVA® AD08 on his GSR Autosport E46 BMW M3 for the next-generation version.

”The regular AD08 were very fast and offered a lot of grip, but I’ve tested the AD08R and they are even better,” said Essa. “YOKOHAMA is known for its high-performance tyre technology, and the new AD08R should really help me and the team to achieve the best results possible.”

The AD08R is designed with a specialized compound featuring YOKOHAMA’s orange oil technology for enhanced traction and road surface adhesion. The compound also includes micro silica and extra carbon to further improve dry grip, and a macromolecule-blended polymer for greater rigidity and resistance to wear.

“The AD08R uses the best of our race design and technology for improved grip in both wet and dry conditions,” said Matt Johnson, Performance Marketing Supervisor at YOKOHAMA´s US subsidiary, Yokohama Tire Corporation. “I’m looking forward to see what Michael does on the new ADVAN NEOVA. He is an extremely talented driver, and he and his team have been able to build a very competitive vehicle that really helps demonstrate the performance of our tyres.”