The new YOKOHAMA All-Season Tyre keeps you safe in all weather conditions.

YOKOHAMA has established its hobby tyre strategy as one of core elements of the broader consumer tyre strategy included in the Company’s three year medium term management plan, Grand Design 2020 (GD2020), implemented from 2018. In line with its hobby tyre strategy, the Company is accelerating the development of new products and expanding the size line-up of existing products suitable for use with various types of hobby vehicles, from race cars to classic cars.

YOKOHAMA delivers outstanding Tyres for all aspects of performance in all conditions. That is why numerous premium car manufacturers provide factory-equipped vehicles with YOKOHAMA´s products.

YOKOHAMA High Performance Winter Tyres keep you safe on all road conditions.

Tyres with outstanding handling, long mileage and excellent performance for the latest generation of SUVs and Off-roaders.

Well-balanced, offering long mileage and durability, the optimized tyre combinations for your daily workload.