The passion for the sport of Football unites millions of people around the world. The colours, the dynamism, the teams and collective spirit, the challenges, the hopes and aspirations, the fair play and results, all form part of the incredible global sport. Since 2015, YOKOHAMA has partnered with Chelsea FC as Official Shirt sponsor.

“We feel close to sports teams who work hard and make daily efforts to improve their own skill and compete at the highest level through teamwork and fair play.”

In view of this philosophy and to share and spread these values around the world the YOKOHAMA partnership agreement is undoubtedly placing the YOKOHAMA brand much more in the public eye on a Global scale.

With this football section, we intend to promote the interests of the football community and offer relevant content which is useful, interesting and offers an opportunity to engage with our fans and football fans in general.

Over time we will continue to develop this section with features and elements that continue to bring you to our world of football.

Yokohama Football Section