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  • The all-round sports tyre
  • Sure Grip in the wet. The advanced silica compound of the A539 ensures superb traction, even on the most challenging surfaces.
  • Low Noise, Enhanced Comfort. The A539 delivers the performance of a leading sports tyre with the minimum of noise.
  • Miles better for user satisfaction. The A539 is tough and durable, offering longer-lasting superior performance.


  • The YOKOHAMA A539 is the successor to the A520's crown, YOKOHAMA has built on the high performance of the A520 to produce the A539.
  • Silica compound
  • The asymmetrical tread pattern of the A539 offers outstanding stability when cornering, allowing you to experience the exhilaration of driving to the full.


Excellent Drainage even in the heaviest Rain

Excellent Drainage even in the heaviest Rain
a) Helical grooves offer the same drainage effect as regular straight grooves. Acute grooves provide enhanced lateral drainage capabilities. b) Wide, straight grooves on the shoulder provide excellent drainage during cornering.

Superior Grip in the Dry

c) High-rigidity blocks on the shoulder help the tyre to maintain ist shape during cornering, thereby maintaining traction. YOKOHAMA´s outstanding asymmetrical tread desgin delivers firm grip in the dry. The wide tread also enhances handling.

Superior Grip in the Wet

Superior Grip in the Wet
The outstanding wet-surface performance of the A539 derives from a super-traction compound based on YOKOHAMA´s silica technology. Previously, silica did not disperse readily, making it difficult to use in compounds. To overcome this, YOKOHAMA developed its Zeruma, a special processing agent that allows an ideal diffusion of silica in rubber.

Quiet on all Fronts

Quiet on all Fronts
Scientificially arranged blocks suppress the build up of rhythmic noise pattern. Sub-grooves reduce the generation of irritating, low-frequency noise. Variable-depth grooving reduces uneven wear and associated noise. Shallower grooving enhances block rigidity.

For a more comfortable Ride…

For a more comfortable Ride…
Blocks with lower rigidity on the inner side of the tyre deliver gentler, more comfortable contact with surfaces. This smoothing effect is reinforcing by the use of wedge-shaped blocks arranged along the centre.


Available sizes

Inch Series Size Note Product Art. EAN/JAN dB
12 60 165/60R12 71H
K5631 4968814620462 F C 72
13 50 175/50R13 72V
K5621 4968814620363 F C 71
13 60 185/60R13 80H
R3271 F C 72
14 50 185/50R14 77V
R3269 F C 71
14 60 175/60R14 79H
R4393 E C 69
  • Car
  • Summer Tyres


Fuel Efficiency E - F
Wet Grip C
External Noise

External Noise
Value (dB)
2 - 3

69 - 72